Our team has been engaged in residential and industrial construction since 2007. Today our group of companies employs over 600 highly qualified specialists, over 50 of which have engineering degrees from major local universities. Mainly we specialize in monolithic reinforced concrete and masonry. However, we also have teams that perform electrical, insulation, drywall, tile and roofing installations. With our 40 masonry teams (and growing) we are currently leading the Polish market. Daily we supply our satisfied customers with over 1000 square meters of completed walls, which includes new block or clinker brick walls, as well as clincker brick wall restorations. In the four years of operation in Poland we have not only gained the trust and respect of our customers, but also major construction developers, by continuously improving the standard of services we provide. We are also getting to know the German construction market.

Group of companies SK-BUD & SAHATY

Head of the board of group

Valery Sakhashchyk


Chairman of the board of the group

Aleh Sakhashchyk


Chairman of the board of the group

Volha Sakhashchik

Chief technical officer

Siamen Kirykovich



Regional Director Germany

Viktar Zubko


Director of Masonry work Department

Ihar Soita


Director of Reinforced Concrete works Department

Eduard Zelianko