New project – 744-Z-PL, Hotel Nickel Resort & Spa Grzybowo!

In the process of construction, a new project – 744-Z-PL, Hotel Nickel Resort & Spa Grzybowo! Located just three kilometers from Kołobrzeg, this hotel promises to become an important element of the Polish resort coast.

This three-story hotel with over 200 apartments will be the first in a luxurious series of multi-family houses. We are involved in the reinforced concrete structures of this facility, which combines modernity with functionality.

The hotel includes several pools, a fitness area, a restaurant, and conference rooms for the diverse enjoyment of guests. The interiors of the hotel reflect the Japandi style, taking into account the local nature and inspired by dunes, seawater, and untreated wood.

Our team is halfway through the completion of the works. The foundational stage – the meticulous roof slope covering – lies ahead. Soon, we will be proud of our contribution to the construction of Nickel Resort & Spa Grzybowo!