B-270 residential complex “Kośćiuszki”

B-270 Ośiedle Kośćiuszki is our new project for the construction of a residential complex in Chorzów.

Ośiedle Kośćiuszki – will consist of six buildings with a living area of 22,000 m2 sat atop of a two-storey underground parking.
The residential complex will be different than others because of the use of engineering solutions that are new to us. Those are needed because of szkod górniczych (insufficient bearing capacity of the subgrade).
We also constantly introduce new innovative techniques like using BIM technologies in our construction work. This allows us to speed up the construction process, significantly increase efficiency and eliminate many potential errors.
At the same time, 5 tower cranes and 2 cranes operated from the ground will be used.

The general contractor for this project is one of the largest construction companies in Poland – PORR SA. We have signed a contract with them for the construction of structures for buildings.

The project is headed by the Technical Director of the Group of Companies –
Kirikovich Semyon Vladimirovich.

Let’s Go!!!