500-GW-PL, Complex of 2 apartment buildings

We are proud to announce that the 500-GW-PL project in Mszonów, Poland, is already underway and we are the main contractor.

The planned date for the commissioning of this facility is scheduled for December 2024, with construction slated to begin on April, 2024.

This important project for us involves a complex of two-story buildings with modern landscaping. The total residential area is 1382.8 square meters, including 40 apartments of various layouts with areas of 30.93 and 38.21 square meters. Our housing market analysis has shown significant demand for housing in Mszonow, especially for one- and two-bedroom apartments. We are confident in the success of this project and see tremendous potential in it.

Additionally, Mszonow is a town with extensive recreational and entertainment opportunities. Here, you can enjoy thermal baths, famous for their unique highly mineralized thermal waters, and visit the world’s deepest diving pool, which has a depth of exactly 45 meters and 45 centimeters! There are also plans to build a railway station that will connect Mszonow with Warsaw, significantly expanding the transportation infrastructure’s capabilities.

Our main goal in this project is to create comfortable living and working conditions in Mszonow, satisfying the needs of both property owners and investors.

Reinforced concrete works

Masonry works


Chicago Urban Development Sp. z o.o.
April 2024 – Present
Mszczonów, Poland