B-270-Z The residential district “Kośćiuszki”

The residential district “Kośćiuszki” – B-270 has become one of our largest projects in the field of reinforced concrete works.

The residential complex stood out with new engineering solutions due to mountain damage (insufficient load-bearing capacity of the soil foundation). We introduced new standards using BIM technologies in construction. This allowed us to expedite construction, significantly increase efficiency, and eliminate many potential errors.

During construction, a total of 5 tower cranes were installed, ensuring efficient and safe work on the site. A team of 120 monolithic workers labored on the construction site to achieve the set goals.

The volumes of work on this project are also impressive: we poured 14.7 thousand cubic meters of concrete and completed rough masonry covering an area of 17.3 thousand square meters of walls.

Our team demonstrated professionalism, technical competence, and collective spirit to achieve success in this ambitious project.

The general contractor of the project, one of the largest construction companies in Poland – PORR SA.

The project was led by Siamen Kirykovich, the Technical Director of the Group of Companies.

July 2021 – Oktober 2022
Kościuszki st., 41-500 Chorzów